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Tulips (Tulipa) Features, Care Tips & Tulip Bouquets

Tulips are known for their striking, colourful flowers and are often associated with the Netherlands, where they have become an important symbol.
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Tulips (tulipa) are widely known for their vibrant and diverse colours. They are associated with spring, renewal and beauty. Tulips and tulip bulbs are mostly associated with the Netherlands, where they have become a symbol of the country. But actually, these flowers originally come from Central Asia and were cultivated in the Ottomans before spreading to other parts of the world.

These flowers have cultural and historical significance. In the 17th century, during the Dutch Golden Age, tulip bulbs became a speculative commodity, leading to an economic bubble known as 'Tulip Mania'.

Nowadays, they are available everywhere, in different varieties. Usually, they bring floral joy in the form of beautiful tulip bouquets.

How many tulip varieties are there?

The exact number of tulip species is subject to some debate among botanists due to factors such as hybridisation and classification. However, there are about 75 wild tulip species in the genus Tulipa. These wild species are native to areas ranging from southern Europe to central Asia.

It is important to bear in mind, that this number does not include the numerous cultivated varieties and hybrids developed through selective breeding. Cultivars have expanded the range of colours, shapes and sizes available for tulips, making them one of the most diverse and widespread flowering plants.

There are currently 3,000 registered tulip varieties with striking differences. Naturally, not all of them are available in the range of wholesale flowers & plants Verbeek & Bol. But we are pretty sure you will find in our webshop find plenty of choice. Whether you are looking for cut tulips, tulip bulbs or pre-tied tulip bouquets for your flower shop.

Wholesale tulips

Characteristics of Tulipa

We at Verbeek & Bol are pretty sure that almost everyone recognises a tulip. Tulipa are known for their distinctive features, which contribute to their popularity as ornamental flowers and tulip bouquets. Here are some key characteristics:

  • Linear leaves: A tulip has long, slender, lanceolate leaves that emerge directly from the base of the plant. The leaves can vary in length and width depending on the species.
  • Flower structure: Flowers consist of petals and sepals. There are also layered tulips, which are similar in structure to a layered Eustoma.
  • Perennials: Tulips grow from bulbs, which are underground storage organs. They are perennial plants, meaning they can live and flower for several years.
Latin nameTulipa
Plant nameTulip
FamilyLiliaceae (Lily family)
Growth heightSome species can grow 60 to 80 cm tall
Flowering monthA common seasonal flower for spring. Available from January to May
LocationDo not place the tulip bouquet in direct sunlight. Prefer cool surroundings.

Holland's tulip fields are world-famous.

Beautiful tulip bouquets

Since you work with flowers, you probably know that most tulips are sold in charming bouquets. Tulip bouquets are popular for various occasions and are often used to symbolise love and affection. Tulips don't necessarily need to be combined with other flowers. They are beautiful just as they are.

However, nothing stops you from letting your creativity run wild and combining tulips with almost anything! They go perfectly with hyacinths and ranunculus. Or even with striking amaryllis. The choice is literally up to you and your customer.

Tulips bouquets

How to keep a tulip bouquet beautiful for the longest time?

It's obvious. You want to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible. With the right care and some simple tips, it is possible to extend the vase life of your flowers. How long will a tulip bouquet last? With these tips, days (up to a week) longer.

  1. Start with cool, even cold water. Tulips like cold temperatures and cold water. Make sure there is cold water in the vase. You can even put ice cubes in it.
  2. Why do tulips go limp? It is probably too warm and the flowers get too much sun. In these conditions, the tulips will quickly deteriorate and droop limply. Or is the vase near a fruit bowl? This will make the bouquet limp faster.
  3. Where do you put a bouquet of tulips? Anywhere you can add beauty and colour to your space. But tulips thrive in the cool. You can place the tulip bouquet in the fridge or cellar overnight. This will prolong their vase life.
  4. How do tulips stand upright again? Cut the stem at an angle again, roll them in a newspaper and put them in a cold room to refresh them. This trick can quickly revive tulips.
Tulip bulbs

Did you know this about tulips?

  • Are tulips a Dutch thing? Tulipa was actually originally a wild flower that grew in Central Asia. So tulips are not originally a Dutch flower, but today these flowers are one of the main exports from the Netherlands.
  • So why does the Netherlands have so many tulips? In the 17th century, during the tulip mania, tulip bulbs became extremely valuable commodities and people were willing to pay exorbitantly high prices for rare and exotic tulip varieties. This had a lasting impact on Dutch culture and horticulture.
  • Why do tulips grow so well in NL? The Dutch climate and soil conditions are very suitable for growing tulips. The cool maritime climate and well-drained soils provide optimal conditions for the growth of tulip bulbs.
  • What is a symbolic meaning of a tulip of tulip bouquets? Tulips have several symbolic meanings. They are often associated with love and elegance. Different colours of tulips can convey different feelings; for example, red tulips are often associated with true love (as is the Red Naomi rose), while a yellow bouquet symbolises happy thoughts.

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