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Verbeek & Bol.

A leading company in import and export of flowers and plants since 1918. Verbeek & Bol consists of an enthusiastic team, working hard every day for our loyal clients. We believe in personal service and long-term partnerships and act with a smile.

Started small,
growing everyday

A joint
passion for flowers.

Established in 1918, Verbeek & Bol was born out of a shared passion for flowers. Together, Jacob Verbeek and Jan Bol decided to turn their passion for ornamental horticulture into a successful wholesale flowers & plants business. They started small; in the Bloemenlust, the old flower auction building in Aalsmeer. Today, Verbeek & Bol has scaled up considerably and welcomes its customers on the south side at the FloraHolland site in Aalsmeer. As there was no obligation to register in 1918, Verbeek and Bol has only been registered with the Chamber of Commerce since 1924.



In September 1965, Jac Verbeek, son of Jacob, joined the firm. For a long period of no less than 37 years, he was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations. Later in 2002, the firm was handed over to John Vork, René Ververs and Iwan Springintveld. Today, René Ververs and Iwan Springintveld form the management of Verbeek and Bol.



We now have premises with eighteen of our own dock shelters, located on the south side of the flower auction in Aalsmeer. With the help of a good concept and close cooperation with our customers, we have been able to realise considerable growth over the years. Because we offer a high-quality product at a good price, we are a major player in the international cut flower industry.

The faces behind Verbeek & Bol

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We are René Ververs and Iwan Springintveld, together we form the contemporary management of Verbeek & Bol. We have been working at Verbeek & Bol for over 30 years; once started as salesmen and now - since 2002 - we are proud members of the board of our thriving company. In 2017, we had to say goodbye to our 3rd board member: John Vork, due to his death. John made a significant contribution to the development and growth of Verbeek & Bol; we will be eternally grateful to him for that.

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