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Verbeek & Bol is a leading company in the import and export of flowers & plants. We proudly deliver to over 50 different countries. At Verbeek & Bol wholesale flowers we strive for a collaboration that puts a smile on the face of the customer. Personal service, efficiency and flexibility are our assets.

With our wholesale flowers range of more than 20,000 items, there is always something for your business. We buy our flowers and plants daily, so that you receive fresh products of the best quality.


Experienced buyers purchase flowers and plants directly from renowned growers. A short supply chain ensures that we know whose products we deliver and in what condition they leave our wholesale.

Personal service

Our team is ready to serve you. With personal service, efficiency and flexibility, we can help you with all your questions. Get in touch with us by an e-mail, phone or WhatsApp.

Fresh trade

When you do business with us, you can be sure that the cut flowers and plants you order are as fresh as possible. We do not have a large warehouse, the trade comes from growers on the same day that your order leaves.

Low MOQ’s

For us, customer-oriented work means that we keep order numbers low. This way you get a rich selection of different cut flowers and plants - to answer the wishes of the season and your customers.

Fair prices

Because we source all products without intermediaries, we can offer you the most competitive prices on the market. Contact the wholesale flowers Verbeek & Bol and ask more.

Extensive selection

Whether you are looking for cut flowers, tied bouquets or plants for green interiors, at Verbeek & Bol you have come to the right place. Go to the webshop demo and check out the range.

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rich history.

Established in 1918, Verbeek & Bol was born out of a shared passion for flowers. Together, Jacob Verbeek and Jan Bol decided to turn their passion for ornamental horticulture into a successful flower shop. They started small; in the Bloemenlust, the old flower auction building in Aalsmeer. Today, Verbeek & Bol has scaled up considerably and welcomes its various international customers on the south side at the FloraHolland site in Aalsmeer.


The latest

Red naomi is one of the most famous varieties of roses out there.

Red Naomi Rose - Luxury rose for every season

The rose with a perfect red colour and a soft velvety shade.
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easily online.

Extensive product range

Very extensive range with excellent state of freshness and competitive prices.

Fast delivery

We can cover land, ship or flight shipments.


Freshly sourced products from well-trusted growers daily.

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Founder & CEO
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Founder & CEO

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